Is Tidal Free With Tesla?

Music streaming has become an integral part of our daily lives. Every day, streaming services are increasingly penetrating almost all areas of our lives.

Even driving a car today is hard to imagine without rhythmic streaming music. Many automakers have begun to include pre-installed music streaming services as part of their car sales packages.

In particular, representatives of the most innovative segment of the automotive industry, Tesla, have included a pre-installed Tidal music streaming service in the options package.

Now, when buying a Tesla electric car, motorists can enjoy an unprecedented connection to high-quality streaming music. Tidal is integrated into the electric car system. But this will require a HiFi Plus or HiFi subscription.

The Norwegian music streaming service’s entire music library of over 80 million tracks, as well as over 450,000 music videos, is at the service of the most advanced car owners.

Tidal Free With Tesla

The quality of the music in the HiFi version is 1411 Kbps, which means music without quality loss during compression. The HiFi Plus subscription offers innovative technology with stunning 9216Kbps sound quality as well as Sony 360 Reality Audio.

But how much does all this cost? The fact is that the integration of the Tidal music streaming service into the Tesla car is a marketing coup. To date, no music streaming platform is able to provide even approximately the same high quality sound as Tidal. And it is the highest quality and maximum innovative capabilities, according to the plan of marketers, that are associated with Tesla cars.

The cost of a subscription to the streaming service is included in the cost of the car itself. But there are nuances here. Firstly, the streaming service works flawlessly only when the Internet is available. Secondly, such integration is possible only in those countries where Tidal operates legally. That is, it is simply impossible to buy a Tesla electric car with a pre-installed streaming service in a country where Tidal does not officially work. In that case, you can, of course, use the VPN service and use Tidal safely. But it will be an independent upgrade.

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A subscription to the streaming service is included in the price of the car, but only for a certain period. These conditions are negotiated when selling an electric car. For example, most often a new Tesla owner gets one or another subscription to Tidal for one or two years. Then he will have to independently renew the subscription.

The subscription price is different, as is the price of the newest electric car. You can, if you pay a little more, get a three-year subscription to the Norwegian streaming service.

Motorists who use Tidal on a Tesla are somewhat dismayed that it is the only music streaming service that comes pre-installed with their electric car purchase. True music lovers are accustomed to using several music streaming platforms at the same time, since each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the use of one or another type of music streaming directly depends on the individual requests of each user.

In countries where Tidal does not officially operate, Tesla branded car dealerships offer other streaming music options when selling electric cars that are officially available in a given country.

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