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Is Tidal really worth it?

Tidal is a streaming service developed by the Scandinavian company Aspiro, and the main feature of the application is the support and playback of 16-bit FLAC. The service offers high-quality music and HD-videos, playlists, and interviews with artists.

A subscription for a premium account will cost $9.99, and a hi-fi account with lossless music will cost $19.99 only. However, is Tidal really worth it?

Is tidal really worth it?

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To start with, the two subscriptions, apart from the price, differ from each other only in sound quality. Most people wouldn’t buy a Premium subscription, as it doesn’t give you more services, for example, compared to the Spotify app, which is considerably cheaper.

With a hi-fi version, however, it’s not so clear. It offers good equipment; the difference in sound will be enormous. But, unfortunately, not all lovers of really high-quality sound will have the opportunity and desire to buy a subscription for almost $26 and not just download what they need from a torrent.

Anyway, the service has its advantages compared to other similar applications. Such positive moments include previously unreleased videos of popular artists, exclusive interviews, and interesting documentaries on how different albums were created. All this is hosted on Tidal thanks to the fact that the artists themselves are co-owners of the platform.

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MusConv displays Tidal playlists for transfer to other music services

Of course, everyone decides for himself whether or not Tidal is worth the high subscription cost. However, if you ever need to move your music library there, the unique MusConv service could help you. You can use it for free or at a low cost, so the problem of transferring your music will be solved easily!