Is Tidal Worth It 2022?

In the modern world, it has already become customary for people not to part with music. They want to listen to their favorite artists wherever they are. Luckily for today’s music lovers, there are much online music streaming services that allow you to do this with the support of many platforms. Tidal is one of the leading music services, which is popular in approximately 60 countries around the world and can offer its listeners more than 70 million tracks. The Tidal music library also contains over 250,000 video clips from various artists.

Internet music service Tidal has already won the hearts of many music lovers by offering several Premium subscriptions for $9.99 per month. But true music lovers have been appreciating Tidal’s streaming music thanks to an affordable HiFi subscription that costs $19.99 a month. Despite the higher cost, this package is very popular, because it provides an opportunity to listen to music in FLAC format 1411 kbps. It is the lossless sound quality that impresses listeners and justifies its price. A professionally compiled playlist and the ability to listen to live broadcasts of the concerts of your favorite artists only increases the list of satisfied subscribers.

But not only the above is the advantage of the Tidal streaming service. Exclusive content is the real cool difference between Tidal and other online music services. Artists who partner with Tidal provide their audio and video content to the streaming service on an exclusive basis. This means that such materials are available for listening and viewing first on Tidal, and only after some time – on other music services.

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Another distinctive advantage is the fair treatment of the fees of performers and songwriters. Up to 10% royalty on profits will be available to artists whose content is featured on Tidal. The company notes that direct payments to artists are new to the streaming world. To improve this area, Tidal will be introducing fan royalties from 2022. This means that the listeners themselves will be able to influence the earnings of their favorite artists, because they, in turn, will receive a fee in the equivalent of the number of listens to their songs. Real fans love this opportunity and want to see their favorite artists benefit and profit from their habit of listening to the music they love.

Given all this, we can conclude that Tidal does not stand still in its development. This Internet music service tries to organize its services in such a way as to make not only music lovers, but also music lovers, artists themselves, and songwriters happier. Users consider this fair, so the subscription price is not considered too high. Moreover, there is an opinion that the introduction of innovations in the Internet music industry is a good reason for other competitors to accelerate development and provide users with maximum functionality.

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