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Is Tidal worth it on Iphone?

Online music services such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and other similar platforms are not really interested in high fidelity audio (Hi-Fi). They are generally limited to the 320kbps bitrate offered by an MP3 of high-quality. It is not bad at all for standard headphones but if we want to listen to music at high volume or on a Hi-Fi device, it would be not enough.

Is Tidal worth it on iPhon

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However, no need to worry because Jay Z has thought of everything, especially, of those persons who need the best sound to enjoy their favorite music. That’s why he presented the music streaming service TIDAL. This platform gives its customers the opportunity to listen to a catalog created from more than 70 million songs in a CD-quality. This means that a bit rate is 1,411kbps. It is the main advantage of this platform that also offers qualitative unique content and HD video.

Beyond that, Tidal owners provided their application with standard features that are presented in other similar apps (and that’s really not a bad thing), such as a user-friendly interface dominated by dark tones and excellent usability. In general, the main features of the app are:

  • high-quality audio with a bit rate of 1411 kbps.
  • over 70 million songs in its catalog.
  • more than 250,000 music videos in HD.
  • recommendations selected by the TIDAL team.
  • offline playback mode.
  • music identification.
  • interesting and useful content related to popular artists.

ability to create your own playlists and view those created by others.

How much does a subscription cost?

The app offers two types of Premium and Hi-Fi subscriptions. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can’t listen to music for free, even with ads (although, there is a 30-day trial period).

  • Premium at $9.99: this version allows standard audio quality that can be compared to offers from similar competitive services.
  • Hi-Fi at $19.99: it gives a CD-quality sound, the perfect variant for real audiophiles.

Of course, IOS device users often ask this question “Is Tidal worth it on iPhone?” Unfortunately, wireless headphones Apple loved by millions of users, will not be able to deliver impeccable sound quality correctly. So, think carefully, consider the pros and cons and then decide which subscription to buy. Standard MP3-quality is not a problem for Apple headphones but whether you need to buy the more expensive subscription – it is up to you. Some people are satisfied with MP3-format, and some realize that it could be better.

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MusConv displays Tidal playlists for transfer to other music services

The MusConv app can help you in cases when you want to transmit your music data to another streaming service. All you have to do is download the app and register, and the program will do the rest for you!