Is Virtual DJ Good For Beginners?

If you are new to the world of electronic music, then it is not so easy for you to understand the huge variety of specialized programs for DJs. The market offers a wide variety of platforms to start creating your mixes and playing with sound effects, but what is the best software for beginner DJs?

While Virtual DJ is famous for what many consider to be beginner’s software, it’s actually more than that. No wonder it is the most popular DJ software.

Virtual DJ offers a free version that you can download as a demo and start testing if you like it and meet your expectations. If you want the full version, you will have to pay around 270 euros.

One of the main features that Virtual DJ Pro has is its flexibility. It can play and mix up to 99 decks simultaneously and is compatible with a wide range of DJ controllers on the market.

Virtual DJ is recommended by many DJs as suitable software for beginners, although this does not mean that it is not a program that a professional cannot work with. It has many options and tools, a good sound engine and the ability to customize it to your liking and comfort.

Virtual DJ Pro does a great job with music databases. Its search engine looks on your computer for the music file you entered, and if it can’t find it in any directory or subdirectory, it looks for it in online directories on the Internet.

With its flexibility yet ease of use, as well as its intuitive software, it is a highly recommended choice for beginner DJs.

One of the advantages of Virtual DJ, besides the free version and the very intuitive software that makes it the perfect software for beginners (although advanced DJs and pros also use it), is its compatibility with the vast majority of controllers. In fact, it’s the software with the most compatibility with DJ controllers (over 300 different models, according to the app’s website).

Virtual DJ is not only and exclusively used for DJs, but is also a very complete video editing software and even karaoke.

Try it free

Virtual DJ is free to use, but like any other minimally advanced DJ or music producer software, it has payment options to get the most out of it. There are two types of monthly payments:

  1. Virtual DJ PRO which costs $19/month.
  2. VirtualDJ Business, which costs $99/month.

If you want to download it, you must go to its website and install it on your Mac or PC.

Once you have installed it on your computer, you may find that the interface of the software, if you are not used to using other similar software, can be somewhat confusing. But over time, you will see how you get to know it better, and eventually it will become easier to use.

The app interface is very intuitive. At the top of the screen, you’ll see two readers with controls for playing songs and setting effects, and at the bottom, you’ll find your computer’s folders for quick access to songs you’re interested in playing.

Try it free