Is YouTube Мusic better than Apple Мusic?

In the global music streaming market today, you can find a huge number of streaming services. Some of them deservedly lead the rating of streaming platforms, while some are just beginning to conquer their adherents.

The leaders in the global music streaming market include Apple Music and YouTube Music. Each of them has their own fans who appreciate the variety of options and benefits that distinguish services from others.

In late 2020, the popular Google Play Music streaming service has been integrated into YouTube Music. It is too early to evaluate the results, but such integration has significantly raised the rating of the latter.

Apple Music is a product of Apple Corporation. It is very popular not only among the owners of gadgets of this brand, but in general among lovers of high-quality licensed music content.

Both streaming services are in open competition with each other. The cost of a paid subscription is almost the same for them, so no one will get an advantage in this matter.

 While Apple Music technically has a selection of music videos in its respective apps, no one implements it as well as YouTube Music. Apple Music, in turn, is perfectly integrated into the Apple gadget system.

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YouTube Music categorizes ringtones by genre, mood and preference based on the user’s history of the service. But all users agree that the intuitive music search and music recommendation algorithm is better for the Apple product. In the first case, it is easier to find what has already been found and reproduced by the user. The second is to look for something new.

If we talk about the volume of the media library, it is nesessary to say that Apple Music has it a little more, but not so much that this difference could be considered a fundamental advantage.

So, both Apple Music and YouTube Music are great choices for the streaming music lover. The specific choice depends on which of the listed benefits are most important for a particular user.

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