Is YouTube better than Spotify?

The most popular music streaming services for music content Spotify and YouTube Music offer users not only premium subscriptions, but also quite satisfactory free service packages that provide users with the opportunity to access services without spending a cent on it. At first glance, it may seem that both music streaming are completely identical, however, this is mistake.

The number of paid subscribers of YouTube Music in 2021 is not exactly known. But analysts in the music market call the figure 30-40 million. Spotify’s number of paid subscribers has long exceeded 140 million, and the total number of users reaches 300 million people around the world.

The Swedish streaming service Spotify allows users to choose the songs they want to play only on certain playlists, such as the personalized Daily Mix. Otherwise, you can only play tracks in random order. The listener can miss songs that he does not like, but no more than six times an hour. Sound quality is limited to 160 kbps, and there is no way to download songs for listening offline. YouTube Music broadcasts music on devices at a speed of 128 kbps.

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Spotify and YouTube Music have strengths and weaknesses in terms of user interface design. The free version of YouTube Music also has some unpleasant limitations. When listening to tracks on a mobile device, you cannot turn on web pages, otherwise playback stops. The application cannot work offline, which is very impractical.

On the PC, this problem can be solved relatively easily by simply opening a new tab in the browser.

Frankly, both streaming music services are attractive. To recommend one of them to the user is unlikely to work, because in general they are very similar. Therefore, the user must independently evaluate the functionality of both and choose the one that he most likes.

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