Is YouTube music better than Apple music?

More and more users are switching to subscription-based music streaming services. This makes sense because for a reasonable price you can legally access millions of tracks and listen to them both online (without downloading to your device) and offline (by downloading to your device). In fact, there are other music services besides Apple and YouTube but they’re not as popular.

Is YouTube music better than Apple music?

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Apple Music

Of course, this app is installed by default on iPhone devices, and it has quite many subscribers. In its essence and features, Apple Music isn’t much different from the previously existing Google Play Music. However, more work has been done on the interface. Moreover, the service boasts the Connect feature that allows you to monitor new tracks from your favorite artists.

Apple Music has three types of subscriptions:

  • Individual – $9.99
  • Family (up to 6 people) – $14.99
  • Student – $4.99.

In addition to the obvious benefits offered by any streaming platform, we would like to highlight the special moments:

  • pleasant and clear interface;
  • the duration of the free trial period is three months;
  • the service is harmoniously integrated into the Apple ecosystem;
  • desktop version is available;
  • it is possible to use web-version;
  • app for Android devices is available on Play Market;
  • possibility of using individual subscription on 6 devices;
  • student rate.

Disadvantages of Apple Music:

  • difficult to find new songs (you can’t just write the words of a song to find it, and you can’t make mistakes in spelling the song title because the service won’t find anything);
  • recommendations are not always correct.

YouTube Music Premium

This is a music service from Google that is predominantly aimed at users who listen to music on YouTube. The interface of the application is really stylish. It’s done in dark colors and there are only three tabs on the main screen: home, hotlist, and library.

The interface is so minimalistic and self-explanatory that even Apple Music seems more complex afterward. One of the key features of this service is an intelligent search that neither Apple Music nor even Spotify can boast. In the search bar, you can enter the words of a song that you have memorized, and it is very likely that the system will find the right song using. This is very cool and convenient.

YouTube Music Premium has three types of subscription:

  • Individual – $9.9 per month;
  • Family subscription – $14.99;
  • Student version – $4.99.

The main advantages of YouTube Music Premium:

  • beautiful and clear interface in stylish, dark colors;
  • smart song search, not only by title but also by part of the text;
  • ability to listen not only to the official artist tracks but also covers, concert recordings;
  • recommendations based on previous searches and views;
  • availability of tariff for students;
  • web-version of the service is available.

Disadvantages of YouTube Music Premium:

  • Not always high-quality of sound;
  • The presence of different inserts at the beginning and during playback, as the tracks are often taken from a music video with a separate storyline.

Is YouTube music better than Apple music? It is impossible to say that you have to choose one of them because it is better than the others. Each service has its own tricks. If you prioritize the ecosystem and user-friendly interface, then go for Apple Music. If you want to listen to not just the official tracks, but all possible versions of your favorite hits with or without video or want to have an intelligent search at your disposal, then choose YouTube Music Premium.

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