Is YouTube Music Better Than Spotify?

Among the many streaming services that have captured the hearts of music lovers in just a few years, there are a few platforms that almost everyone knows and loves.

YouTube Music and Spotify are very similar music streaming services for audio files. Both have free trial options, a variety of pricing plans, and huge music libraries.

 Is YouTube Music Better Than Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish project. It is extremely popular in the world and has been around much longer than YouTube. Spotify rightfully takes the place of the world leader. According to various estimates, the Swedish green giant owns from 31 to 36 percent of the global music market. This is a very large share, and its closest competitor Apple Music owns only 19 to 24 percent of the market.

Swedish music streaming has become mega-popular thanks to a well-organized marketing policy and high quality music content. Today, Spotify has almost 400 million active monthly users, 150 million of them have signed up for a premium subscription to the services of this service.

While both services have many-sided free options, for example YouTube Music allows you to start listening to music immediately without registration, and Spotify, on the other hand, is a fantastic source of podcasts, their pricing policy plays a special role in the convenience of using the services. After all, it is on the monthly cost of the service that the choice will depend for 80% of users: whether they will use it or not.

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Plus, to the inconvenience of the free version, you can add the fact that you will not be able to listen to music in the background – when you lock the screen, a pause will turn on. And this is even more inconvenient due to the constant discharge of the battery and the possibility of accidentally switching tracks when the smart device is in your pocket.

Both YouTube Music and Spotify boast huge music libraries of approximately 70 million tracks each. In music collections, almost every music lover will be able to find what he likes. These are performers from all over the world, all genres and musical directions. It is the huge library that most often becomes the main stimulus for users to use one of these music streaming services.

It’s hard to make a direct comparison of services that have more music, if only because YouTube doesn’t give a specific number of music tracks for its library, Spotify is a bit more specific. The fact is that Spotify most likely has more official songs loaded into the system. They also have more podcasts, corny because YouTube Music doesn’t do podcasts.

Spotify has proven to be a great algorithm of its own that has been proven by millions of users around the world to be good at providing music you like, suggesting tracks you might like, and even music you love but have forgotten about, with a very high percentage of the likelihood that this is exactly what you were looking for or wanted to hear.

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