Is YouTube Music Cheaper Than Spotify?

Today, the streaming music market is becoming more competitive every day. Music streaming services are using more and more methods to compete for the hearts and wallets of potential users and subscribers. As you might guess, the price of the service in this case plays a paramount role along with the quality and volume of the streaming music services provided.

Spotify is the best choice in terms of value for money, as well as the most famous and widespread at the moment. Its strengths are a very large catalog of songs and a wide range of features. It is also the service that offers the widest platform compatibility.

YouTube Music Cheaper Than Spotify

Spotify offers multiple subscriptions to its users. A one-month trial period is available for all paid plans.

• Spotify Free : Free version with ads, just sign up for Spotify to access the service. Desktop users can choose which tracks to play, but have a limited number of skips available. Playback is intermittently interrupted by advertisements, sometimes overly intrusive. Audio quality is limited to 96/160 kbps when using the desktop application (OGG format) and 128 kbps when using the web player (AAC format). In the application, everything changes: you can not choose which songs to listen to, but the playlist and album tracks will be played in random order.

• Spotify Premium Individual : Allows the user to listen to music without ad breaks by selecting songs to play even on a mobile device and without skipping restrictions. Spotify Premium subscribers can also download songs to listen to offline. The sound quality is up to 320 kbps. It costs 9.99 euros per month.

• Spotify Premium Duo : Offers premium features for two accounts. It costs €12.99 per month.

• Spotify Premium Family : Allows up to 6 users to listen to music in Premium mode. It costs €14.99 per month.

• Spotify Premium Student : Offers Premium features at a discounted price of €4.99 per month. It is reserved for users who are enrolled in a school or university course at the time of subscription.

YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service included with a YouTube Premium subscription that allows you to watch videos on the platform without interruptions from ads.

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You can use YouTube Music without a subscription, but in this case there will be some restrictions. Subscription cost:

• YouTube Music Free: It’s free and lets you listen to songs, but it will be interspersed with ads.

• YouTube Premium Individual : gives the user access to the YouTube music catalog, while at the same time being able to watch YouTube videos without any ads. As for sound quality, there are 3 settings: low (AAC 48 kbps), medium (128 kbps) and high (256 kbps). Therefore, it remains significantly lower than that of competitors. It costs 9.99 euros per month.

• YouTube Premium Family : 5 user plan. It costs €14.99 per month.

• YouTube Premium Student: The subscription is offered at a discounted price of €4.99 per month for those who attend school or study at university.

So, as we can see, the cost of these two mega-popular streaming services is almost the same.

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