Is YouTube Music Free?

The music streaming app YouTube Music is getting more and more popular every day. And there are several reasons for this popularity. All of them are exactly in the efficient feature set of this music streaming service.

The YouTube Music app appears to be Google’s answer to Apple’s rival music product. Both services have a lot in common, as we will see below. It can be expected that just as iDevices fans will be closer to Apple Music, Android users may naturally be interested in YouTube Music.

As a rule, the functional package offered by YouTube Music is not much different from the standard one. As with Apple Music, after registration we can determine our musical preferences, on the basis of which the application prepares several suggestions for a good start. However, if our Google account has already accumulated a play history, the system will prepare several suggestions for playlists based on it. All playlists that we have saved on the account will also automatically go to the Library section.

YouTube Music is definitely not an app where sound quality is a priority. Moreover, on the net you can find statements from a company employee who openly states that streaming FLAC files is not economically viable. In the application settings we can choose one of three options:

• low (48 kbps)

• normal (128 kbps)

• high (256 kbps).

It is worth noting that the middle option is set by default. If we decide we want to hear more details through the use of more data, we need to be proactive. The application uses AAC encoding, so in terms of sound quality, the applications of the two giants – Google and Apple – are on the same level.

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However, YouTube Music has two tricks up its sleeve that can convince many users. First, it’s a huge library of recordings, both audio and, above all, video. We can find a lot, really a lot of material here: official, concert, garage, niche… After all, today young artists, if they want to reach a wide audience with their work, they often start by publishing their recordings on YouTube. . The ability to instantly transfer images from your phone to your TV using Chromecast technology is also a big plus.

The second differentiating feature of YouTube Music compared to all other websites is the ability to use the free version of the app. As with Spotify, the price of free access is advertising. However, compared to the Swedish site, YouTube Music offers more control over the playlist. Of the minuses, it should be noted the impossibility of using the application when the screen is locked. For smartphone users, this is a clear lack of memory.

YouTube Music can be an intuitive and obvious choice for many users who will follow the strength of the brand. Those with a preference for videos should also take a look at this app. However, if you judge the site in terms of sound quality, YouTube Music does not offer anything special.

The cost of the premium version, which will allow you to access the full functionality of the streaming music service, will be $9.99 per month.

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