Is YouTube Music Good?

All those who are at least somehow familiar with the Internet and new technologies have used YouTube at least once. A well-known web platform, founded on February 14, 2005, allows users to share and view multimedia content on the Internet.

YouTube Music was born out of Google’s specific desire to gain a larger share of the increasingly relevant digital market. To do this, it was decided to expand YouTube. Not surprisingly, according to the latest research, over 90% of people entering the platform are looking for music content.

Google has also become a full member of the YouTube Music streaming services category. Before us is a digital platform for listening to music and watching clips from the official catalog of the American company.

Today, this service can certainly be put on par with competitors like Apple Music and Spotify, which are also able to play a large part of the music streaming market.

What is the real difference compared to other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music? Youtube Music presents videos and all exclusive content that can be seen exclusively on Youtube, such as remixes, covers and live performances. This is because it relies on its huge database, which will delight fans of a particular band or artist.

Is YouTube Music Good

YouTube Music is an alternative specially designed for Android users and those who already use YouTube frequently. A dedicated music platform dubbed YouTube Music lets you choose between a free account with ads or a premium account with no ads and exclusive features.

The platform is the perfect combination of YouTube and Spotify. The user has the opportunity to access songs and music videos, as well as live performances and official albums of the most beloved artists.

YouTube Music is a product related to what is included in the giant YouTube catalog and Google services. Indeed, the web pages of the latter have a very useful guide to all the features of YouTube in both free and paid versions.

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This is an impressive database of over 70 million official songs. It’s true that they don’t differ much from Spotify’s numbers, just for comparison purposes. Unlike this platform, YouTube Music can offer not only audio files, but also original videos, covers and live performances, really offering something alternative.

In the tradition of this digital platform, YouTube Music is distinguished by the breadth of its capabilities. What it allows the user accessing the service to do.

Music can be listened to online and offline. In fact, you can download files from the platform to listen to them offline (for example, while traveling). It is also possible to play in the background.

Using the platform options, you can listen to entire albums of your favorite artists or playlists of music tracks, categorized by genre or theme. But on this platform, you can also find popular songs, new albums and singles recently released to the market. Not only. The user can take advantage of the YouTube ranking and new music videos that are most appreciated by the fans.

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