Is YouTube Music like Google Play Music?

Google Play Music and YouTube Music are music streaming services of Google Corporation. Both services are very similar to each other. But YouTube Music has become a more advanced, if you can say so, version of the music streaming service. YouTube Music appeared later, but Google began to actively promote it, add new features and generally prepare the service for it to remain the only one. Which, in fact, happened on December 3, 2020, when Google Play officially stopped working.

Throughout 2020, users had unhindered access to both services within the same subscription, while Play Music users received notifications of the need for a transition, including letters with instructions to transfer collections and data to the new service. In addition, Google released a video with instructions.

The functionality of YouTube Music is more expanded, it has a more efficient algorithm of musical recommendations based on listened music and search queries, the service is more harmoniously integrated into the Google ecosystem.

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It would seem that there was simply a transition in automatic mode from one music streaming service to another. But at the same time, some users chose a different path and generally stopped using the musical products of the world-famous corporation. They switched to other streaming services, found many advantages in them and continue to use them today. Some users subscribed to another or each other’s music streaming services, remaining simultaneously subscribers to YouTube Music.

The audience of the popular service decreased somewhat, but this did not affect the rapid growth in popularity of YouTube Music. For those users who simply switched from one service to another, almost nothing has changed, they just got a more advanced music streaming tool.

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