Is YouTube Music The Same As Google Play Music?

In 2020, all users of the popular music streaming service Google Play Music received emails stating that the streaming service was about to end and be integrated into YouTube Music, another Google music distribution service.

Initially, Google’s music distribution service was called Google Play Music, but YouTube later launched a music distribution service called YouTube Music. In 2018, Google launched a new music streaming service. Almost the same company runs two music distribution services in parallel, but Google has announced its intention to combine them into YouTube Music.

By the end of 2020, Google Play Music will disappear and YouTube Music will become one. This means that former Google Play Music subscribers automatically become YouTube Music subscribers.

Those music lovers who had a paid subscription to Google Play Music automatically renew it in YouTube Music. If we consider the situation as a whole, then no one loses anything. But are both of these music streaming services really the same?

YouTube Music is a little different than Google Play Music, but this app was developed with just as much effort from Google. The new streaming service at the time offered more than 50 million official songs, albums and playlists, as well as Google Play Music features that users wanted. Today, the streaming service’s music library has grown significantly compared to 2020, so its library is now considered one of the largest among streaming music peers.

Knowing the integration, paid Google Play Music members should have immediately switched to using YouTube Music. However, at first there were minor differences in the content of the service, and migration was difficult. Many users must have hesitated. It’s a different app, a new library of favorites, and YouTube Music didn’t allow you to upload your own music on first launch.

In the case of Youtube Music, songs are searched and played from all music videos uploaded to YouTube, while in the case of Google Play Music, songs were played from audio sources registered with the streaming service.

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Also, with Google Play Music, you could upload songs from your own CDs and other audio sources to the cloud and listen to them anywhere, but you can’t do that with YouTube Music.

In the case of Google Play Music, you could not listen to songs from artists who did not provide songs to streaming services.

On the other hand, YouTube Music is a service that allows you to freely choose and listen to music from the huge number of music videos uploaded to YouTube. Even if the music is from an artist who doesn’t provide music for streaming services, if the music video is released on YouTube, you can watch it or download just the audio and listen to it.

It would be futile to think of YouTube Music as a video service dedicated to music and only use it to find and watch music videos.

In fact, if you search YouTube Music, you will find not only videos, but also songs such as albums and singles without videos, just like in Google Play Music.

 Access to the vast repository of the most popular video hosting in the world was the decisive factor that eventually buried Google Play Music.

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