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Is YouTube Music Worth It In 2023?

The bustling realm of streaming music platforms is perpetually vying for the discerning ears of music enthusiasts. Amid this fierce competition, YouTube Music, an extension of Google’s entertainment domain, stands out as a beacon of innovation. Setting itself apart from rivals, the service merges on-demand playback with meticulously curated playlists, an inventive lyrics-based search feature, official studio releases, user uploads, music videos, podcasts, and an array of captivating attributes.

YouTube Music’s Distinctive Landscape

Amidst Google’s historic propensity for introducing parallel products and services with a penchant for rebranding, YouTube Music emerges as the phoenix from the ashes of Google Play, YouTube Music Keys, and the erstwhile YouTube Red. A triumph in focused execution, it boasts an expansive library surpassing 100 million official tracks, accompanied by millions of covers, live performances, and alternative recordings. The comprehensive nature of its catalog sets a new benchmark.

The Pricing and Plans

Accessible through browsers and a downloadable app, YouTube Music offers a free tier accompanied by intermittent ads between songs. This remarkable free tier grants users the luxury to skip, replay, or scrub through tracks limitlessly during sessions, overshadowing competitors such as LiveOne and SiriusXM Internet Radio that impose hourly limitations.

While YouTube Music Premium’s rates experienced a universal hike this year, it aligns with Spotify’s recent subscription adjustments. The $10.99 monthly subscription eradicates ads and empowers users to download tracks for offline listening on mobile devices. A remarkable feature, Smart Downloads, auto-downloads personalized playlists and frequently listened-to music, an exceptional tool for both music aficionados and offline listening enthusiasts.

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Customized Musical Experiences

YouTube Music’s homepage comprises Home, Explore, and Library sections. The Home section offers personalized recommendations driven by a user’s context, while Explore showcases trending songs and deep cuts. The Library section stores liked songs, favored albums, listening history, and custom playlists. Harnessing Google’s wealth of user data, YouTube Music crafts tailored experiences, adapting to various contexts from relaxing airport wait times to invigorating gym sessions.

Lyrics-Based Searches and Listening Experience

An innovative feature is lyrics-based search, enabling users to identify songs with just a few lyrics. Despite occasional anomalies, it’s a valuable tool for those on the hunt for songs with partial lyrical information. Moreover, YouTube Music’s algorithms craft recommendations based on listening history, encompassing a wide spectrum of genres, catering to diverse tastes.

In terms of audio quality, YouTube Music offers three tiers of streaming quality, including a high-quality option exclusive to Premium subscribers. Although it lacks hi-res audio, its rich audio quality provides a gratifying listening experience for most users.

Podcasts and Video Integration

YouTube Music now accommodates podcasts in a dedicated tab, bridging the gap between audio and video content. A seamless transition between audio and video versions of a show, coupled with an array of categories, lends an immersive podcast experience.

With video content, YouTube Music takes an inclusive stance, integrating official music videos alongside community uploads, covers, and more. This unfiltered approach caters to those who relish the exploratory journey of YouTube’s expansive offerings.

The Mobile App Experience

The mobile app complements the desktop interface, offering ease of use, attractive design, and accessibility to playlists.

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