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Is YouTube Premium And YouTube Music The Same?

Many music lovers don’t quite understand the difference between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Confusingly, the name of these two services is almost the same. It is only clear that both services are directly related to the most popular video platform in the world. Therefore, we will try to bring some clarity to this issue.

YouTube Music and the second YouTube Premium service are based on similar mechanics, except that the former is exclusively focused on music. They offer the possibility of listening to a huge number of songs and playlists.

Perhaps YouTube is a much more serious player when it comes to the videos posted on the site. However, if you only focus on one type of content, i.e. music, it definitely stands out from the competition. Its only plus was the ability to watch clips for songs and read their lyrics. However, this disappointed music lovers who, if they wanted to listen to any songs, had to hold their phone on top to avoid locking the screen or accidentally activating another app when it was in their pocket.

YouTube Music is here to help. The service is based on streaming music directly from the resources provided by the website. Therefore, you also need to be aware that we will not only hear the songs you like.

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YouTube Music is free to use, but as with competing brands, we have to put up with ads. However, this can be fixed by choosing one of the monthly plans. It is recommended that you check out the 3-month free trial first and then decide whether to spend your budget on it.

YouTube Music focuses exclusively on music – licensed songs and music videos. In the case of YouTube Premium, the situation is much more complicated. Includes all site content. Thanks to this, you can also lock your phone’s screen and prevent ads from appearing before or while watching movies. It’s worth mentioning here that the lack of ads doesn’t mean you don’t support your favorite creators – quite the opposite. YouTube continues to pay out the money YouTubers would earn if viewers watched ads attached to videos. In addition, users get the opportunity to watch professional films and series that are not available to ordinary users.

You can see that YouTube Music definitely needs to come up with new offerings to get more listeners and sneak up on its competitors’ customers. YouTube is a bit behind in its choices and decisions. However, there is nothing surprising in the strategic approach of the company’s management. After all, the greatest monetary benefit and the greatest interest in the platform is not music, but original content prepared in the form of films by thousands of creators around the world.

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