iTunes Match

Apple provides a great variety of software and services for its users. We are sure that you are well-acquainted with Apple Store, or Apple Music, and several other well-known products. However, what about iTunes Match? Maybe, have you heard about it yet? If not, just follow the article and you will find something new for yourself.

iTunes Match

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iTunes Match is a special program that allows users to upload perfect music libraries from such apps as Apple Music on Mac OS, also it is possible to use iTunes for computers with Windows OS.

Launching in 2011, it has already helped thousands of users by uploading their songs and making customers’ tunes available across all of their devices.

Have already decided to try it? Don’t be in rush! It has several features that you need to pay attention to before installing.

First of all, it’s a paid app. You need to pay $25 a year.

Secondly, like Apple Music, it has also a 100,000 song limit. However, don’t panic! We have one great piece of news for you. Songs that are purchased in the iTunes Store don’t count towards this limit.

Last but not least, it allows users to upload tunes to the iCloud Music Library. Then they can stream/download tunes to up to 9 of their devices. Unlikely you need to search music content to more than nine devices. However, it may also be a problem for someone.

Nonetheless, if you weighed all the pros/cons, and still want to try the app, we will tell you how to subscribe to iTunes Match.

If you are a Mac user, just follow the next steps:

  • Go to the Apple Music app;
  • Find the iTunes Store;
  • Open the “Feature” section, which is located at Store window at the bottom;
  • Press the “iTunes Match” switch;
  • Then you need to find the “Subscribe” to finish your actions

Then, you should sign in with the help of the Apple ID and reaffirm your data.

In case you want to use your PC instead of a Mac, you need to change the first two steps:

  • Open iTunes for Windows;
  • Click on the Store at the top of the iTunes window.

Looks simple, isn’t it? Such a simple process can bring you a new app experience.

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