IZ * ONE will break up in April

K-pop women’s group IZ * ONE breaks up after their contract with CJ ENM expires next month.

In January, management agencies announced negotiations with group members. IZ * ONE consists of members of various labels and were formed as a result of a competition during the reality show Produce 48 under a contract for two and a half years.

The term of the contracts of the participants ends in April this year, and they do not plan to renew them. The Record and Swing Entertainment say that in April the group will be dissolved.

The group has an official fan cafe and many pages on social networks that will operate until the end of the project. Neither the group members nor representatives of management companies have yet spoken about plans and prospects. It is possible that a new interesting and exciting project will soon arise on the site of the popular group.

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Over a relatively short period of joint creative activity, the group managed to record one full studio album and four mini-albums. They were recorded in Korean, but the group was able to record several more singles in Japanese.

The reasons that prompted management companies and group members in the future to stop cooperation can only be guessed. But music market experts make cautious assumptions that cooperation will actually be extended, only in a completely different format.

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