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Jacoby Shaddix: «I'm just stuck in a depression and just stuck in this space»

The frontman of the popular band Papa Roach gave an interview in which he said that he «fell off the carriage». And it happened to him during the pandemic.

In 2012, Jacoby ceased to be friends with alcohol, and from that time he led an exceptionally sober lifestyle. This step was not easy for him, there were previously repeated disruptions. However, the singer, with the help of relatives and friends, was able to pick himself up and end his alcohol addiction. But the restrictions associated with the pandemic drove him into a deep depression. The inability to perform, the impossibility of free movement and communication with people very negatively affected the psychological state of the singer.

Jacoby Shaddix

«And I was just captured and depressed, and just stuck in this space», Jacoby says. He tried to be treated for depression by smoking marijuana, which is openly admitted to fans. This, he said, is nothing reprehensible, because in the state of California, marijuana smoking is officially allowed.

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The singer says that after using the drug, his veil «fell and the world became brighter». Well, this is a controversial statement, so let’s leave it on the author’s conscience.

Jacoby Shaddix claims that he is damn proud that he has not been drinking alcohol for nine years. He repeatedly tried earlier, but this time he turned out to be their alcoholic underdog to become a real person and a full-fledged member of society.

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