Jesse Ware shares new video starring Gemma Arterton

Jesse Ware shared a new video in which Gemma Arterton played the main role.

This clip can be called a love letter to London, which is empty and closed in connection with quarantine. The video was shot by BAFTA laureate Dominic Savage. The plot of the clip reveals the emptiness of the British capital during the coronavirus pandemic, the viewer sees empty streets and closed cafes, darkness and longing. Arterton wanders through most of the abandoned capital at night.

This work became a cherished goal for the team, which created a clip that is rapidly gaining popularity. Both the director, and the famous singer and actress, and the team of operators – everyone is proud of  work.

Recently, more and more artists, film directors, music industry figures have turned to the theme of the pandemic, to the topic of changed life in new conditions, human loneliness among the skyscrapers of modern megacities.

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The director of the video admits that the video carried a meesenge love message to his beloved, but locked to quarantine London. Londoners remember how this beautiful city was and how it became today. But there is a note of hope in the clip, because sooner or later there will still be an exit out of loneliness and darkness and a step towards light and a more hopeful future.

Gemma Arterton said she would never forget shooting in a completely deserted central London. The new clip is a confession of love to London and at the same time a call for resilience.

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