Joe Strummer’s “Junco Partner”, the unheard-of version, streaming now

If you’re looking for the rarest and influential hits as well as an outstanding platform to stream them on, MusConv is just the right place. Along with millions of other tracks, you can now enjoy the outstanding “Junco Partner” recorded by Joe Strummer as part of “Sandinista” in 1980 along with The Clash. 

This guitar-only version offers, besides magnetizing rifts and ambivalent, cloudy, and enchanting vocals, an animated video produced by Spenser Ramsey.

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You can now stream and download the single in all its vinyl and CD-quality beauty by taking advantage of services like Spotify with its completely free plan that offers outstanding opportunities,Tidal with its unmatched music quality, or Pandora that features the world’s best music discovery algorithms ever created What’s better than listening to a song that quickly and easily became the favorite of every live show all the way through his career? Listening to it as much as you like for free, getting recommended other even more fascinating tracks, and upgrading to even better sound quality and shareable fun. 

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