Jonas Brothers are not splitting up

The notorious trio of brothers, who just happen to be on the list of the highest-paid musicians of all time, are constantly in the news for their latest and greatest hits but also for persistent rumors they won’t be together for much longer. On a Saturday Night Live episode that was aired on the 27th of February, Kevin reassured his brother and fans they’re still in business. The band isn’t intending on splitting up!

Despite the difficult year and all the crises surrounding concerts and movie theatres, whose revenue fell very dramatically very fast, The Jonas Brothers remain very optimistic about the upcoming times, writing:

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“Our 2019 (and even some of 2020!) was so special and it’s all because of how amazing you guys are … We have the best fans in the world and we love you so much! We all have a ton of exciting stuff coming and we can’t wait for you guys to hear all about it.”

According to Rolling Stone, Jonas Brothers have been actively involved in making plans for the upcoming years after not making music for 6 years before their reunion.

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