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Julien Baker on «Little Oblivions»

This is what the third album of the singer and songwriter from Nashville is called. This is a new stage in her work, when she gets up again and tries to get on the rails.

Spent indoors 2020 made Baker take a fresh look at a lot. She went through a difficult period of self-esteem in solitude.

Julien Baker

Before that, she had a mentally exhausting tour, which lasted almost two years. But with the onset of quarantine, the singer was able to escape. She not only rested a little, but also conducted a thorough introspection.

Julien usefully spent this time graduating from Middle Tennessee State University. She received a diploma of higher education and relevant qualifications. All this at one time had to be postponed due to a tour.

Her debut album was positively received by critics, so its promotion was maximum. All the songs from it were written by Julien herself. She wrote from long and thoughtfully. Probably, that is why their meaning is clear to every listener, and the songs themselves have become very popular.

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«Little Оblivions» has currently exceeded the popularity of the singer’s previous album. He came out in early March, very quickly collecting the maximum number of streams.

It is also a huge step forward musically. While her first two albums used rare, minimalistic sounds to maximize the influence of her piercing voice, in this new chapter she performs for the first time with a full orchestra.

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