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K-pop stars in South Korea allowed not to serve in the army yet

South Korea’s parliament passed a law that allows K-pop stars such as BTS to delay conscription until the age of 30.

In South Korea, military service is mandatory for all men aged 18 to 28 years. According to the law that was in force earlier, only famous actors, athletes and classical musicians were allowed to postpone it until the age of 30.

The new amendments allow this to be done by pop artists who «have achieved success in mass culture and art». The postponement will be given on the recommendation of the Minister of Culture. Now the army of BTS fans around the world celebrates in social networks the decision of the South Korean parliament.

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Recall that the Korean constitution provides for compulsory military service for men who are 18 years old. But at this age they are enrolled in the «first military service», and the young people themselves are still at home. But already directly in the army they can be called up at 19 or at 20 years old. The South Korean army is considered the seventh largest military experts in terms of capacity in the world, and its constant number is 600 thousand people in the permanent army, and another 3 million in reserve.

The adoption of a new law means that members of popular groups, in particular, BTS, may not actually serve at all. It is possible that it was the international success of this group that contributed to the adoption of such a law. Well, Korean parliamentarians will not lend pragmatism, but singers will be able to do many times more to raise the country’s authority in the world than if they were simple soldiers.

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