Kanye West got the 22nd award of the Grammy

Kanye West received a gold record player for the best album of modern Christian music. The album carries the name «Jesus Is King», and it was released two years ago.

It is the 22nd gold record player won by the popular singer at the most prestigious world musical competition. Well, for Kanye the receiving an award of the Grammy became a usual thing long ago and therefore the singer didn’t show any special delight.

Besides, West wasn’t on a ceremony of delivery of a gold record player at all to walk on a red carpet of winners of which thousands of young people and not really young performers dream.

Kanye West

In September, 2020 the rapper published the post against possession of a label of master records of musicians, having said that such megastars as Prinze and Michael Jackson were «simply killed» with the musical and media industry. He eloquently visually illustrated the point of view, having shared video on which he urinated on the Grammy award in a toilet.

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Despite this adventurist step, the actor in few months after so eloquent act was nominated for an award, and on March 14 received it. It seems that he joined quite numerous group of stars of world music which decided to boycott the international musical competition which is considered the most prestigious in the world.

Beyonce became the main sensation of an awards ceremony, having taken away home four gold record players and having broken the record by the number of victories on Grammy among all performers – men and women. Meanwhile Taylor Swift became the first woman who won three times in a row in the Album of Year nomination.

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