Kanye West officially became a billionaire

«Forbes» experts recognized American hip-hop artist Kanye West as a billionaire. The publication estimated the state of the repertoire at $1.3 billion. Such information shocked many of his fans.

Kanye West

The official decision to assign billionaire status came after the rapper disclosed financial statements.

Journalists appreciated the profitability of the «Yeezy» brand, which West fully owns. Given the brand’s connection with «Adidas», experts settled on the figure of $1.3 billion. The rap performer managed to build a very effective business and purposefully control and develop it.

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However, West himself does not agree with the assessment of experts. «Not a billion, but 3.3 billion dollars, since no one in Forbes can count», he said. West has long tried to convince «Forbes» magazine of  billion dollars. «I showed them a check for $890 million, and they still do not call me a billionaire», the publication quotes West.

West became the highest paid rapper according to Forbes. He is also among the richest musicians in the world in history. It should be said that the rapper receives his main income not from performances and streaming on music streaming services, but from a business not related to music. But this does not prevent his fans from admiring the hits performed by the billionaire.

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