Kardi Bee wants to be «the woman on billion»

Kardi Bee says that achievement of success became her aspiration. And her is on whom in it to equal.

The rapper from New York received worthy assessment of the creative efforts, recently she got the Grammy Award. At a ceremony of delivery Kardi Bee executed composition of «WAP».

Kardi Bee

The singer says that at the very beginning of musical career often asked her questions of that on whom she wants to equal. She answered nothing it, claiming that she wants to develop the scenic style.

«But now, when I am at the same level, I was influenced most of all by Rihanna and Jay-Z», told in Kardi Bee’s interview. Especially she is delighted by Rihanna who became a billionaire. Kardi Bee’s parents from the same Caribbean country from which there arrived Rihanna to subdue America and the whole world the art. By the way, Rihanna owns the company making a women’s underwear. It is called «Savage X Fenty». At the beginning of this year the company was estimated at one billion dollars. Thus, Rihanna not only became one of stars of world show business, but also entered into club of billionaires.

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Jay-Z is also included into club of world billionaires from 1.4 billion dollars of the capital. It is the company on production of the alcoholic beverages «Armand de Brignac» and the equity stake of one of the most known world services of stream transfer of music «Tidal».

So Kardi Bee as we see, is for whom to equal and make plans for the future.

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