Kidz Bop - Musical Ensemble

The album “Kidz Bop Ultimate Playlist” is already available on all digital platforms from January 21, 2022. This phenomenon of the children’s group continues to amaze music lovers.

This new album consists of 17 songs, which are covers of hits from that time and bygone days. The group shared members, “We had a lot of fun filming the video, all the choreography and all the songs on the album, I love it.”

Likewise, one of the band members, Camila, said, “This is my first album as a Kidz Bop baby and this is my first year and as far as the videos I was able to record earlier, it was an incredible experience seeing all the cameras and the lights and everything super friendly around.” From her experience as a member of Kidz Bop, the girl shared that every time she knows that she and her classmates are going to sing a new song, it makes her feel a lot of emotions, especially since the music they sing hits her usually like it.

Finally, speaking about the dynamics of recording songs and music videos, Camila said that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every child is recording their voice at home with material provided to them by the Kidz Bop team. “When we finish recording songs, we travel to shoot a video and a dance, we study the choreography and rehearse the dance steps together,” Camila said.

Kidz Bop has gained immense popularity not only in the United States of America, but also in the UK and other European countries. The release of some songs in Spanish opened up a huge market for Mexico and Latin America for the group. In this market, the popularity of the group also became simply huge.

The band members perform clean versions of contemporary pop songs that chart high on the Billboard Hot 100 and are heavily played by today’s mainstream radio stations and music streaming services.

Since its debut in November 2001, the Kidz Bop project has sold over 21 million albums and released over 4.5 billion streams. The project expanded to include individual touring bands. A television project of the same name was also created, which began to search for young talents.

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It should be noted that Kidz Bop have been named the top performers on the Billboard children’s album chart for ten years in a row.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify named the band the best among all in the United States to achieve the highest stream count on Spotify Kids.

Almost every year the project releases new albums, which continue to break all popularity records in the United States of America and other English-speaking countries. Concert tours are also constantly held in many countries of the world. Each concert tour is announced in advance, many months before it starts.

In February 2017, Kidz Bop announced that it was launching outside of America for the first time and expanding to the UK. From that moment on, this popular musical project in the USA began to expand in this country.

The project also expanded its reach to Germany, France and Mexico. In these countries, tours are periodically held and competitions are held to search for musical talents among children.

Despite the huge popularity of the project, it has been repeatedly criticized, in particular, for obscene language, which periodically appears in the songs of this youth group.

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