Kim Glass

The name of the American athlete, once on the air of sports news and Olympic reporting, has again taken root in the focus of news agencies. And the reason for this was not sports victories.

In Los Angeles, an Olympic medalist was the victim of a homeless man who attacked her and severely beat her with a metal pipe. The incident occurred when volleyball player Kim Glass was walking from lunch in the city center.

Kim Glass, a silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, continues his sports career as a coach today. Kimberley is not just an icon of volleyball for many fans of this sport in the United States of America. She actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. Participates in TV shows and has long been considered a well-known media person in the world of sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle among Americans.

According to the 37-year-old woman, the man approached her with a pipe in his hands and looked at her with “quite hateful eyes.” Glass turned to her friend to say that the homeless man was apparently about to crash the car when he swung and hit the athlete with a pipe. She nearly lost consciousness from the impact.

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The assailant was detained by eyewitnesses, after which he was handed over to law enforcement officers. The Los Angeles Police Department quickly arrived at the scene. The attacker was officially detained, and an ambulance arrived for Kim. The injured athlete was taken to the hospital, where she received qualified medical care.

The champion received numerous fractures and injuries, which she showed to her subscribers on social networks. According to the woman, she was afraid that she would go blind, but, fortunately, her eyesight was preserved.

Kimberly Glass urged users to be careful, noting that there are a lot of crazy people around. She also wrote on her social networks that everything could have ended worse, so she is happy that she survived.

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