Kim K Age

Millions of fans of one of the most famous American families, the Kardashians, are closely following the career of its most famous representative, Kimberly. They call her Kim or simply K. And everyone understands who she is talking about.

Kimberly’s birthday is October 21, 1980. In 2022, the socialite and popular TV presenter, Instagram star turns 42 years old. Kimberly was born in the family of a lawyer of American-Armenian origin Robert Kardashian. She is a native of Los Angeles. Kimberley’s ancestors moved across the ocean from Armenia at the end of the 19th century, fleeing the persecution of Armenians, which were carried out by the Ottoman authorities. The distant ancestors of the Kardashians lived in the fortress city of Kars, which first belonged to Russia, and later came under the jurisdiction of the Ottoman Empire.

For a long time, Kimberly remained in the shadow of her star friend and employer, Paris Hilton. They had a difficult relationship, but conspiracy theorists claim that in fact, Kim and Paris are good friends since high school, and public scandals in their relationship were aimed solely at raising Kimberly’s popularity, which eventually happened.

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Changes came into her life with the popular American rapper Kanye West. Kim has always admitted that she changed clothes and was transformed thanks to her husband. Kanye West became the third husband of Kim. Their wedding with Kanye and the parties preceding it were discussed by the whole world.

Kanye really seemed to set himself the goal of making Kim a fashion icon on a global scale, so the first thing he did was introduce Kardashian to his designer friends, the closest of whom was Riccardo Tisci. As a professional in his field and an experienced businessman, he perfectly understood the price of the image that is created on the catwalk. By the way, Kanye West is a multi-billionaire himself.

Kim got a golden key from the archives of the best brands on the planet. In 2019, she appeared at events in vintage looks. The covers of popular glossy magazines really gave the star confidence. In any case, Kim, although she has participated in collaborations with accessory brands more than once, and in general has taken place as an entrepreneur, has not dared to launch her own fashion brand until that time.

In the first week of 2021, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West and focused on her business projects. The divorce proceedings lasted almost a year. By April 2022, Kim’s net worth had risen to $1.8 billion, thanks to the success of beauty brand KKW Beauty, reality TV shows, Instagram ads, and lingerie brand Skims, which took off this year (and it’s not just sales). In particular, the US team flew to the Tokyo Olympics wearing Skims underwear.

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