Kim Kardashian Age

Kimberly looks just adorable. She has become a reference for many, many women, not only in the United States of America, but throughout the world. But many fans are interested in the question of the age of Kim Kardashian. After all, she became the standard of beauty for entire generations.

Kimberly was born on October 21, 1980 and became the second of the Kardashian children. Her older sister Courtney is only one year older. But it was Kim who glorified the Kardashian family. At the same time, her successful media career has become exclusively her own merit.

In the noughties the whole world started talking about it. True, with intonation rather mocking than admiring. Such was the fate of Paris Hilton’s personal assistant. Kim held this not very honorary position from 2003 to 2006. Paris was already the main it-girl of the planet and was friends with her own kind, and Kim was just an errand girl doing all the “dirty” work – from sorting out Hilton’s wardrobe to massaging her own feet.

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But in 2005, Paris had a fight with her best friend Nicole Richie, and Kim quickly filled the vacancy. For the next two years, Kardashian made up for lost time: endless parties, vacations on yachts, the first red carpets. In general, she became a textbook best friend of a girl, whose life the whole world dreamed of in the 2000s. Meanwhile, Kim herself dreamed of coming to the fore.

The motto of Kim and Paris in the zero – the more the better. And this concerned not only the number of events that the girlfriends attended, but also the images that they chose for these events.

In general, until 2011, Kim practically did not change – except that she timidly experimented with styling: she would put her hair on her right side, then on her left. Changes came into her life with Kanye West. Kim has always admitted that she changed clothes and was transformed thanks to her husband.

Despite the divorce from the popular American rapper, Kimberly continues to be one of the main mediapersons of modern America, whose popularity does not decrease over the years, but rather becomes even higher.

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