Kim Kardashian And Drugs

Like any public person, Kimberly Kardashian is surrounded by various rumors and gossip. Her life seems to be in front of everyone. But often it is publicity and openness that cause rumors.

In particular, Kim’s fans and social media users began to suspect their idol of using cocaine. Kim Kardashian actively denied these cocaine inhalation rumors that surfaced on social media.

Kimberly Kardashian posted a video showing Kim Kardashian’s baby collection through her Instagram story, and the video featured a mysterious white powder that was swept up in cocaine inhalation rumors. There was white powder on the table. Suspicions arose whether it was traces of cocaine.

Rumors quickly spread on social media that Kim Kardashian had inhaled cocaine at home. Kim Kardashian immediately explained: “I don’t like these rumors, so I’ll get rid of them soon.” In fact, Kim Kardashian was recently spotted shopping for sweets at a candy store and Kim’s explanation is taken as a fact, not an excuse.

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In fact, it was confirmed that before posting this video, she went to a famous candy store in New York. However, there are still quite a few netizens who are still suspicious, saying that this is just a circumstance and cannot be an accurate counter-evidence.

The life of a celebrity seems exhausting in any country. Kim Kardashian appeared on a talk show and said: “I never drink or do drugs.”

Yes, indeed, drugs are not about the Kardashian family. Almost all celebrities are said to have dabbled in drugs, especially in the United States. Subsequently, they modestly admitted this.

But popularity has not led to the use of drugs by any of the Kardashian sets, each of whom is not just a very popular public figure, but a wealthy person.

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