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Kim Kardashian and popular rapper Kanye West announce divorce

Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West announced their divorce, having lived in marriage for seven years. The information caused a mixed reaction from fans of the popular host and rapper.

While Kardashian’s lawyer represents her interests in a divorce court with Kanye West, the former Mrs. West herself continues to do business and actively earn money on her own brand. Kim demonstrated a new model of cozy home suits and slippers  the successful Skims brand. Soft trousers and tops to the touch are so pleasant that if you wear them, there is a risk that you will not want to let out of your hands.

Kim posted several pictures in a beige suit on  Instagram (there is still gray, pink, black and milk). A noticeably slimmed single lady manages to even look sexy and hot in such a homely and cozy image.

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Recall, a participant in a reality show recently announced that she filed for divorce from her rapper husband after almost seven years of marriage. The couple do not have mutual property claims (knowing Kanye’s kindness and generosity, he will give everything without a dispute) and form joint custody in order to further raise  four children together. The main reason for the divorce, sources close to the couple, call the unstable behavior of the rapper against the background of his bipolar disorder. The former spouses themselves have not yet given any comments.

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