Kim Kardashian Australia

The sudden visit of American socialite Kimberly Kardashian to Australia came as a surprise not only to her fans, but also alarmed the entire yellow press, which has long been partial to the popular TV presenter who won the hearts of millions of Americans.

The American reality TV star recently flew to Australia to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Peter Davidson, while he was in Cairns, Australia, filming his new movie The Magicians.

Since then, several companies have claimed to have seen or serviced the pair. Of course, this was a marketing coup for these companies.

The ubiquitous paparazzi were able to capture Kim Kardashian at the airport in Cairns, North Queensland. Kimberly took a fifteen-hour flight from Europe to kangaroo country to spend a few days with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Peter Davidson is a famous American comedian who became famous not only for his sparkling jokes, but also for his numerous bright and scandalous novels with Hollywood stars.

Among his companions were women of different ages, both his age and much older than him. Recall that Peter is 28 years old, during which he has already managed not only to become famous, but also to make himself a good capital on his work.

What did Kimberly and Peter do in Australia, trying to avoid the paparazzi’s photographic lenses? The couple tried to retire as much as possible and avoided any public events. And the very visit of an American socialite to the country of kangaroos was practically hushed up. It should be added that Kim flew to her lover from Paris on her own plane.

The answer to the first half of the question is probably that the relatively new couple wanted some time alone, away from the cameras and the overly media-involved Kardashian family.

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Peter Davidson has become the new boyfriend of Kimberly Kardashian. Despite the age difference (Kimberly is 41 and Peter is “only” 28), the couple feels quite happy. And this is evident in everything: sweat gestures, in the views and behavior of lovers.

It should be recalled that the star marriage of Kimberly Kardashian and the American rapper and multibillionaire Kanye Wes just recently broke up. In early March 2022, a California court ruled to dissolve the marriage. The divorce initiative was entirely owned by Kim Kardashian.

The divorce took place despite the fact that Kanye West tried his best to prevent it. By the way, the property of the ex-spouses jointly acquired in a star marriage is still in a state of judicial division. It is likely that soon these socks will become hot on the front pages of the world’s media.

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