Kim Kardashian Regrets Breaking Up With Kanye West?

Relationships that cannot be saved – this is how Kim Kardashian’s personal drama was described by her fans. Kim Kardashian recently broke up with Kanye West. Although the two celebrities have been married for several years, their relationship collapsed in 2021. After several separations, the mother of four children filed for divorce. A decision Kanye West didn’t appreciate.

The artist took a long time to recover. This divorce is then followed by millions of people, in particular through the TV show of the Kardashian family. In the latest season, currently airing in the US, Kim Kardashian looks back on that period of her life. In the middle of a conversation with her sister Chloe, both talk about their romantic frustrations.

Kanye West is the king of hype. After delaying the release of his new album Donda for more than a year, he made a splash with songs from his opus. He even admits to the whole world that he cheated on Kim Kardashian a few years ago. Kim Kardashian hasn’t responded in any way to these musical confessions for a long time. The superstar seems to have supported her ex ever since Donda came out. In fact, she made several appearances while listening to Kanye West’s opus.

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While Khloe confesses to cheating on her ex Tristan Thompson, Kim Kay then reminisces about the end with Kanye and talks about how if people knew about the ex-spouses’ real relationship, they would no doubt wonder why it lasted so long. and how it could happen in reality.

Therefore, Kim Kardashian has gone further and has no regrets. Now there is no doubt that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a couple. The Saturday Night Live star just opened up about her personal life like never before during an interview for the TV show.

For some time now, Kim Kardashian’s new romantic relationship has been generating a lot of talk. Rumors of a romance between the businesswoman and Pete Davidson appeared relatively recently, when Kim became a guest on Saturday Night Live. During the show, the latter acts out a sketch with a comedian.

Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend would immediately fall under her spell. Later, the two celebrities made several appearances hand in hand.

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