Kim Kardashian - Why The Surrogate Mother

Recently, many people are struggling to have children due to the phenomenon of marriage at a relatively late age. An increasing number of couples are suffering from infertility or infertility differently than before due to social causes such as fast paced life and overwork.

Nowadays, there is a way to solve this problem. Earlier, the news that the American couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had their third and fourth children with this method attracted a lot of attention.

Kim Kardashian has suffered from uterine adhesions and preeclampsia from two previous pregnancies. Therefore, my doctor advised her not to give birth on her own, because a second pregnancy could be fatal to her health. She wanted a third child because she wanted a big family, so she chose a surrogate mother. A fourth child was also born through surrogacy.

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A surrogate mother is a woman who replaces pregnancy and childbirth. A fertilized egg is created from the biological father’s sperm and the biological mother’s egg and then implanted in the uterus of a third person, the woman. Although it is illegal in many countries, surrogacy is legal in some US states, which is why there are many Hollywood stars who have had children through surrogacy.

For example, after remarriage to singer Keith Urban, actress Nicole Kidman gave birth to her first daughter, Sunday Rose, and gave birth to her second daughter, Faith Margaret, also by a surrogate mother. At the same time, the couple also released a statement expressing their gratitude to the surrogate mothers and those who helped with the baby.

Some stars have hired surrogates to avoid pregnancy and childbirth. Hollywood actress Lucy Liu stated that she decided to give birth as a surrogate mother for her career. In particular, although Lucy Liu rarely reveals her personal life, she caught the attention of many people by revealing that at the age of 46 she had a son by a surrogate mother, although she was single.

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