Kim Kardashian`s Perfume In Australia

Popular American socialite and TV presenter Kim Kardashian recently visited Australia. She was spotted in North Queensland with her boyfriend Peter Davidson, who was in kangaroo country on the set of his new film.

Of course, the appearance of Kimberly on the other side of the world caused an incredible shock among her fans. After all, before that they knew that Kim was in France on the set of his show.

By the way, Australian fans of socialite Kim Kardashian were looking forward to the moment when they could buy perfume from their favorite TV personality, but perfume was banned in Australia.

American television personality of Armenian origin Kim Kardashian assured Australian fans of her products that they will receive all the money for orders of her new perfume, which was banned in Australia and New Zealand.

International shipping company FedEx refused to ship perfume to Australia and New Zealand because of the flammable alcohol content. Fans of the Kardashian perfume, in turn, complained that no one on the cosmetics website warned them about the problem when buying perfume.

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In November 2017, Kim Kardashian presented her perfume in three variations: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud. The cost varies from 35 to 60 dollars per bottle. Fans of Kim all over the world were waiting for the product to appear on store shelves, but, as it turned out later, not everyone has access to the perfume.

Recall that at the beginning of this year, a scandal erupted between Kim Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner and Australian singer Kylie Minogue. The latter sued Kylie for the reason that the beauty brand from the Kardashian clan called Kylie, according to Minogue, jeopardizes the reputation of the pop diva of the 80s. Traditionally, for many, the name Kylie is associated with the Australian star.

After the perfume became available on the Kardashian website, her fans rushed to buy fragrances, which allowed her to get rich. Only in the first hour after the release of the product, users purchased perfume for 1.3 million dollars, and a day later the amount increased tenfold.

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