Lady Gaga Filming «Joker 2»

The first film of Joke was so popular that the audience began to stubbornly demand the continuation of this epic. And so the shooting continued. Moreover, in the next part of the film among the actors you can hear very big names. For example, one of these names will be Lady Gaga.

Production of «Joker 2» has officially begun. Following the huge success of the film, directed by Joaquim Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips, fans are wondering what the blockbuster sequel will look like. The first general clues are that Joker 2 will be completely different.

After all, it would seem that this film is also a musical. In it, the Joker will meet his female alter ego, Harley Quinn. And who better than Lady Gaga to bring that to the big screen?

While the filming of Joker 2 is underway, the very first image of Lady Gaga, reincarnated as Harley Quinn, one of the heroines of the film, has appeared on the Web.

It’s been a few months since filming began on «Joker 2». Director Todd Philips will explore the rest of the adventures of this eccentric character played by Joaquin Phoenix. As of now, the production teams have not revealed any scenarios. However, some of the images provide clues to the film’s plot.

Indeed, the first shows a weakened Joker, which allows him to shave off his beard. Fans immediately deduce that the latter is an Arkham prisoner. Therefore, a possible escape is to be expected, and he could well count on the support of his loved ones, especially his crazy mistress Harley Quinn.

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In Todd Phillips’ implementation, Lady Gaga will interpret this young woman. Here, too, the latter shared a picture. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Philips posts a photo of his favorite couple, the Joker and Harley Quinn. Lady Gaga firmly holds the face of her lover in her hands. A photo that spread across the web in just a few hours.

Other information about the sequel “Joker 2” may well be a kind of musical. Indeed, in this future part one would expect several numbers of songs and dances.

While the first part cost $55 million, the sequel has a completely different budget. This nearly tripled in volume to 150 million. It also takes into account the salaries of the main actors as well as the director. Joaquim Phoenix and Todd Phillips are expected to earn around $20 million.

As for Lady Gaga, the singer is expected to earn “only” $10 million. «Joker 2» will hit theaters on October 2, 2024.

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