Lady Gaga offers half a million reward for information about stolen dogs

Lady Gaga, a pop star who is known for her outspokenness and creativity, has offered a reward for the return of her two dogs that were stolen from outside of her home in Los Angeles. 

Lady Gaga is an international celebrity with millions of fans. One day, her dog walker was shot in the chest four times, and her two bulldogs were snatched. Lady Gaga “is offering half-a-million dollars to anyone who has her two dogs, no questions asked”, said the spokesman. 

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Lady Gaga amassed a staggering number of awards in her career so far. She also started an anti-bullying organization to stop bullying that became known as the “Born This Way Foundation.”

Lady Gaga has always been very vocal about her love of animals. It is unknown who committed this crime or why they did it but she is clearly upset by what happened. 

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