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Lady Gaga supported the family of dog boy who was injured in Los Angeles

Recall that recently the dog nanny of the famous singer Lady Gaga Ryan Fisher was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital with serious gunshot wounds. Four times unknown bandits shot at him with a pistol, who managed to steal two French bulldogs Lady Gaga during a walk.

The singer offered half a million dollars in rewards to someone who will help return the stolen dogs and provide any reliable information about the criminals. The police waited so long for the information, and an unknown woman returned the dogs to the pop diva. She claims that she allegedly just found them in the city. Detectives officially stated that this woman was not related to either the attempt on Ryan or the abduction of dogs. However, how exactly the stolen French bulldogs fell into their hands still raises many questions. It is also reported that the dogs were not injured in the incident.

Lady Gaga also greatly assisted Ryan Fisher’s family, for which she expressed deep gratitude. At the moment, Lady Gaga’s wounded assistant is gradually recovering, he is in one of the best clinics in Los Angeles under the close supervision of doctors.

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During the injury incident, Lady Gaga was in Italy on the shooting of a feature film about the murder of Gucci.

So far, Los Angeles police have not been able to find the shooters and kidnappers of the dogs of the famous singer.

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