Lana Del Rey is trying to save Mexican restaurant

Lana Del Rey today ends the latest preparations for the release of next album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, which is due to be released on March 19.

Lana Del Rey

But the popular performer also has her own business. She owns the «Los Toros» – Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, which is going through bad times today. The main problems for the owner of the restaurant appeared, as well as for all her fellow restaurateurs, with the onset of a pandemic and the introduction of quarantine restrictions. But with the gradual easing of restrictions, business begins to gradually come to life.

And so to draw attention to brainchild, the singer came up with an original advertising trick. She used the help of professional stuntman Ray Barker, who lay for 24 hours in a bathroom filled with a solution of beans, spicy seasonings and flour.

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To do this, of course, was not easy. But Barker himself said in an interview that he did this not because of the high payment, but because small businesses today, more than ever, need support. Namely, small business is the basis of economic prosperity of any nation. And America is no exception. That is why he took this bold step in support of small businesses.

The singer posted a post with a photo of the singer near the bathroom with Baker, drunk with a spicy solution, the singer posted on social networks. It is still unknown whether her Mexican restaurant received additional profit with the help of such a creative advertising step.

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