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In today’s world, there are a lot of really talented people amongst us. These unordinary persons:

  • love music;
  • write new songs;
  • sing them and want to make money for their work.

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So, in order to satisfy the wish of every single talented musician to earn money, distribution services were created. One of them is the quite new platform called Landr. Although it may not seem to be well-known, it has a long history of its development.

The absence of payments for services is the most notable feature of the Landr distribution service, every customer can use it absolutely free. How is it possible and what the sense of it? The answer is simple enough, you just have to subscribe to a mastering service. In other words, it comes out that if you pay a monthly fee for any other Landr services, you can distribute your music without paying extra money.

Of course, for a number of reasons, automatic mastering may not be the best choice for your music. So, unless you’re planning to use Landr’s mastering services, it’s difficult to justify their cost on the distribution itself. The annual package costs much more than, for example, that DistroKid offers, and most similar features for music distribution are already offered by other companies.

In any case, each customer has to evaluate the pros and cons of the chosen company himself, because it is impossible to make definite conclusions about the convenience of use without practical experience. You can read thousands of feedbacks but it couldn’t help you to make the right decision.

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If you need to transmit music tracks, albums, or playlists, the MusConv service is what you need. After a short registration, you can already manage your music data the way you want.