Larry June & The Alchemist - "60 Days" 2023

Laid-back hip-hop maestro Larry June puts the finishing touches on one of the most important records in his discography. The release, entirely produced by industry cult figure The Alchemist, will premiere in the coming months.

“60 Days” allows you to get acquainted with the content of the upcoming project. Vintage samples of the Alchemist pair perfectly with Larry’s measured narration as he talks about his travels around the world and life principles.

Larry June is back with a brand new project, “120 Days”, a sequel to his critically acclaimed album “60 Days” produced entirely by The Alchemist. Larry’s latest offering showcases his growth as an artist, revealing a deeper side to his personality, and a newfound sense of introspection.

The album opens with the track “Homecoming,” where Larry reflects on his journey from being an aspiring artist to an established name in the industry. He raps, “I was on the block, now I’m on your screen ain’t no luck, it’s God’s plan, it’s meant to be.”

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Throughout the album, Larry’s lyrics touch on a range of topics, including relationships, loyalty, and self-improvement. “So Saucy” is a standout track that sees Larry spitting game to a potential love interest. Meanwhile, “Real Ones” pays homage to the friends who have been there for him through thick and thin.

The Alchemist’s production on “120 Days” is nothing short of spectacular. His trademark vintage soundscapes and chopped-up samples provide the perfect backdrop for Larry’s smooth flow. Tracks like “Hollywood Dreams” and “Organic Respect” showcase the producer’s versatility, with the former featuring a mellow jazz-infused beat and the latter boasting a hard-hitting trap sound.

Overall, “120 Days” is a testament to Larry June’s artistry and The Alchemist’s prowess as a producer. The album cements Larry’s status as one of the most exciting voices in modern hip-hop and is sure to be a fan-favorite for years to come.

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