Last Hurrah’s Bebe Rexha quits chat after a fan exposes himself

Fans’ admiration is a beautiful thing. Most of the time. However, destiny took an unexpected turn for Bebe Rexha, the Last Hurrah singer, who encountered a fan so overwhelmed with affection that he flashed his genitals in front of the camera during a collective chat. 

Bebe responded, conveying her extreme disappointment and anger at the incident and assuring her fans she was seriously shaken by the incident. 

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Bebe suggested she needed to find the individual responsible so they could be reported. In an interview afterward, the singer complained about the unpredictability of social media services today and the fact that not enough was being done to protect young fans from what essentially was an assault on their senses (including the sense of high aesthetics). Following the incident when the singer had to shut down the chat, she reported feeling that this was “NOT OK” and that further action had to be taken against such irresponsible behavior. 

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