Leaders Of The World's Music Streaming Platforms

We live in the golden age of streaming. The global music streaming market is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 17.8% from 2022 to 2027, which is a huge figure given this scale. In 2021, about 80% of the revenue generated from the entire music market came from streaming music.

Every major networked audio device manufacturer enables you to use the most popular services without having to install additional applications right at the device level. The benefits of streaming services go beyond freeing up valuable disk space on your computer. The second very important point is the number and variety of albums available. Every newly registered user automatically gets access to all this music, and, importantly, there is no need to pay for each listening to the album.


The website was created in 2006 in Sweden and can be used by users of audio devices, smartphones, tablets, computers and even some consoles. Spotify allows you to listen to recordings “on demand” from many record companies, both large and independent. This streaming service can be proud of its place as the champion of music streaming services. The website introduces a social approach to listening to and discovering new music. There is a free version, which is used by half of the army of numerous subscribers of this service, the number of which today exceeded 380 million people around the world. Spotify is headquartered on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center in New York.

Leaders Of The World's Music Streaming Platforms


The website is based on WiMP (Wireless Music Player) which was established in 2010 in Denmark. This music service offered streaming music access to its users. The site now has the ability to create your own playlists of more than 30 million songs. TIDAL offers two access options that differ in the quality of the music they offer. The first option is the TIDAL Premium account (AAC 320 kbps or AAC 96 kbps for mobile). Another chance to use TIDAL is the TIDAL HiFi account, which uses the FLAC codec. TIDAL’s lossless streaming owes its popularity to audiophiles. Modern interface and quality music make this site an exclusive offer.

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The music service, founded in 2007 in France, offers music streaming to its users using software adapted for all operating systems. The website allows you to create your own playlists from nearly 60 million music tracks. Deezer has provided customers with a modern and intuitive interface.

Apple Music

Apple’s offering offers fewer options than its competitors. You cannot use the free plan except for the free trial period, this service is a completely paid service. Users are also not entirely positive about the app’s interface, which is less user-friendly than the one provided by competing websites. The format of the transmitted music is AAC 256 kbps.

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