Legal Case Against Young Tag And His Label Wysl

The investigation considers this to be an organized criminal group led by Tiger and his comrades. They’re suing Rico. Recently, this could have meant a near-life sentence, but now the news adds optimism. The trial has already brought a lot of interesting facts.

Some members of the organization begin to oppose Young Thug, some even blame Ganna for this. However, Yang Thug has already been released. However, Tucker is getting closer to being released from prison every day. The text proposes to discuss what is happening with Tucker today. News about the crimes that will be tried in court.

The names of potential witnesses from the world of rap are known, including rapper King, who is accused of 8 crimes out of 65. He is accused of creating an organized criminal group and participating in criminal activities, including possession of drugs and firearms, but he did not admit his guilt.

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Prosecutors will argue that his label, Wice, was linked to organized crime and the Bloods. The court wants to hear testimony from a list of witnesses, including two who collaborated with rapper Young Thug. Lil Wayne’s tour bus, who was gunned down by the rapper in 2015, is also on the list, even though he was sentenced to 10 years for it. Another rapper has been added to the list of defendants. He is accused of participating in the murder and is in prison. In the new case, he is accused of participating in an organized criminal community.

He was stabbed in prison. The prosecution believes that the attack was ordered by Young Thug. The person who tried to kill him and became a defendant in the SL case. He made a deal with the prosecution and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder. The fact that they are included in the list does not mean that they will go to court.

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