LiveOne VS Spotify

We all know the Spotify music platform, perhaps the most popular and one of the most complete in the current world for listening to music. Where you have all the artists at your disposal with a single click or a swipe of your finger across the screen to fill your room and your ears with music of almost infinite variety.

It also has a wide variety of podcasts for the juiciest stories, whether it’s history or sports, science or the craziest news. And all this for free, or by paying for one of the available plans to enjoy it without ads or free play and play songs at your leisure.

In addition, Spotify has signed a sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, which will also give its name to the same stadium as FC Barcelona, becoming the Spotify Nou Camp.

But not everything comes down to this music platform, as there are many alternatives that we can enjoy, and even some of them you may like more than this Swedish green giant.

LiveOne offers a wide selection of streaming radio stations covering all genres. You can customize the songs to listen to or let the app discover new songs and genres.

Sure, you can create your own stations and playlists, and keep track of the latest songs, but the free version has the usual limitations beyond ads, such as standard sound quality and the inability to play songs on demand. In addition, a number of tracks can be skipped, and offline playback is not possible.

Yes, it’s a very versatile app that offers podcast radio channels, live or on-demand shows, live sets and of course music mixes.

You can search by genre, download and listen on the go, and continue listening from where you left off on another device.

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LiveOne is a completely free music listening app with no ads. Just enter the name of the singer or band you like and enjoy your favorite music. You will also have the opportunity to watch and listen to online broadcasts of certain current musical events. Of course, there are hundreds of stations to listen to and this can be a great way to explore and learn new music. The limitation lies in the model that works for radio stations and therefore does not allow you to play, fast-forward or rewind the song.

However, it’s definitely a great app for listening to free music.

Оf course, Spotify has a desktop app. Compared to the smartphone version, the computer application is much more versatile and enjoyable. Yes, there are always ads (perhaps a little less than on the phone), but the catalog is the same, playlists and podcasts are the same, with the added ability to listen to the songs you need. The application is instantly synchronized with the smartphone version, but in general, for those who do not need mobility, it is absolutely preferable.

LiveOne does not have a desktop version, so this application is used only on smartphones, which largely limits its distribution around the world and reduces not only popularity, but also real effectiveness for music lovers.

If you’re in the mood for high quality streaming music, clear music recommendations, and access to a massive 80 million music library, then Spotify music streaming service should be your choice.

If you focus on listening to online radio and watching online music events on your smartphone, then feel free to choose LiveOne.

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