LiveXLive VS Spotify

If we compare the two music streaming services LiveXLive and Spotify, then the first argument for choosing Spotify will be its leading position among the world’s streaming services. But will this argument become the main one?

Indeed, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify has over 80 million songs and arguably the largest collection among its competitors. The desktop version of Spotify allows you to import local music files with the ability to sync with your mobile device, which greatly reduces the problem of missing artists.

Spotify is the undisputed leader of the global music market, with over 400 million active monthly users worldwide, and almost half of them use the platform on a paid basis.

Spotify has an effective system of music recommendations for platform users, which allows you to quickly find the desired tracks or artists based on the music you have already listened to. This means that the service will offer those tracks or musical compositions that are most suitable for you according to your musical tastes and even your mood.

A positive point when choosing Spotify will be the presence of a permanent free version, which has a basic set of functions for comfortable use of the service itself. The only drawback in this case will be the presence of constant commercial breaks and the inability to use the platform offline, downloading the tracks you like in advance.

The downside of the Swedish music streaming service will still be advertising. If you hate ads, then buy a Premium subscription or continue using another streaming music app.

The disadvantages include the relatively low sound quality in the free version. If you are a real music lover and like to listen to music in the highest quality without loss, then the free version of Spotify is clearly not suitable for you.

The downside will also be that the algorithm for compiling musical recommendations is relatively poor quality and does not learn fast enough. At the same time, it is completely unclear how it can be improved independently.

As for LiveXLive, it’s a personalized music streaming service that offers users a choice of internet radio.

This streaming service has a mid-tier subscription for just $3.99 and a full subscription for $9.99 a month. It is also available completely free of charge, but on the condition that the user has to put up with constantly appearing ads.

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The streaming service works with all platforms, however, like Spotify.

If you don’t consider yourself a heavy user of social networks, then you may find it difficult to understand the interface of this application, since more than half of the space in it is devoted to social media information shared by the leading streaming service and popular DJs. This is a lot like regular social media advertising.

LiveXLive can be considered the best choice for those music lovers who use smartphones or tablets to listen to it. The application is also perfect for those who are professionally engaged in DJing or just trying their hand at this unique profession.

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