Logic - "College Park"

Contractual shackles with major label Def Jam haven’t stopped Maryland rapper Logic from being a creative and prolific entry into the industry. One of his best albums “Vinyl Days” was recorded in 12 days, and the author himself constantly developed his YouTube channel and released bittapes under the pseudonym Peanuts.

Feeling an acute thirst to create and an unmeasurable love for hip-hop, the rapper presents his first album as an independent artist. The work “College Park” is the soundtrack to the animated film of the same name and is inspired by the author’s memories of the past – spending time in the town of College Park, located in his home state. Now he appears as a world star, combining boastful lines about success with introspective narration of the old days.

A wide number of performers and other cultural figures took part in the recording of the album. Among them are Joey Bada$$, Redman, RZA, Bun B, C Dot Castro, as well as Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull and actor Seth MacFarlane.

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Despite his contractual obligations with major label Def Jam, Logic has continued to remain a prolific artist in the industry. The Maryland rapper’s latest album “College Park” is his first independent release and serves as the soundtrack to an animated film of the same name, drawing inspiration from his memories of growing up in the town of College Park.

The album sees Logic reflect on his past while also celebrating his success as a world-renowned rapper. He blends introspective lyrics with boastful lines and features a diverse range of collaborators, including Joey Bada$$, Redman, RZA, Bun B, and C Dot Castro. In a surprising move, he also enlisted the help of Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull and actor Seth MacFarlane.

Logic’s “College Park” showcases his creative prowess as an artist and his ability to bring together a range of talent to produce a cohesive and dynamic body of work. Despite parting ways with Def Jam, he continues to push the boundaries of the genre and create music that resonates with fans old and new.

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