LojaArano's Popularity Is Growing Rapidly

Madagascar, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, is known for its unique flora and fauna, as well as its rich cultural heritage. It is also the birthplace of a new band that has been making waves in the music scene – LohArano.

LohArano is a band full of personality that combines the mystical sounds of Malagasy ethnic group culture with powerful arrangements inspired by metal, alternative rock, groove, punk, and rap. The band’s music is a celebration of the members’ mixed heritage, always epic and visceral in sound.

Formed in 2017, LohArano is made up of five members: Rivo (vocals), Poun (guitar), Mamy (bass), Toun (drums), and Ronny (keyboards). The band members come from different regions of Madagascar and have different musical backgrounds, which they have blended together to create a unique sound that is all their own.

Their music has been described as “a journey through the landscapes of Madagascar” and “a blend of traditional Malagasy music and modern metal.” This is evident in their debut album, “Tany Masina,” which was released in 2020.

“Tany Masina” means “sacred land” in Malagasy, and the album is a tribute to the band’s homeland. The album features ten tracks, each with its own unique sound and style. The songs range from heavy and aggressive to more mellow and introspective.

One standout track from the album is “Mangina.” The song starts with a haunting melody played on the valiha, a traditional Malagasy instrument, before the heavy guitars and drums kick in. Rivo’s vocals are powerful and passionate, singing in both Malagasy and English.

The band’s live performance of “Mangina” is even more impressive. The energy and passion they bring to the stage are infectious, and the audience can’t help but be swept up in the music.

LohArano’s music is not just about entertainment – it is also a means of promoting their culture and heritage. The band members are proud of their Malagasy roots and want to share their culture with the world. They often incorporate traditional Malagasy instruments and melodies into their songs, giving their music a unique flavor.

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LohArano’s music has already gained them a following in Madagascar and beyond. They have performed at various festivals and events in Madagascar, as well as in France and Reunion Island. They have also been featured in international music publications, such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!.

The band has big plans for the future. They hope to continue spreading their music and their message around the world, and they are currently working on new material for their next album.

LohArano is a band that is not afraid to be themselves and to celebrate their heritage through their music. They are an inspiration to young musicians in Madagascar and around the world, proving that it is possible to create something new and unique while still staying true to your roots.

As the band continues to gain recognition and fans, we can expect to hear a lot more from LohArano in the years to come. Their music is a testament to the power of culture and the ability of music to bring people together.

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